After a long hiatus, preceded by my collecting and writing about the thoughts that had been percolating at that time, I am back to this blog, Pedagogy of Peace.

Since I last posted here the lack of simple physical safety in our US educational systems has become nearly epidemic.  The anniversary of the mass killings in the Sandy Hook, CT elementary school is upon us.  In the past month there were two other incidents of physical violence in US schools.

National Public Radio, yesterday, shared an interview with several teachers to find out how this has impacted them.

Teachers talk about safety in schools.

These are crucial conversations to be having.  The conversation is certainly nuanced, depending on where you are teaching but is relevant to us all, regardless of your location.  When I talk about Pedagogy of Peace I am referring to both inner peace as well as students being able to study in peaceful schools and communities.

We know, in the case of extreme school violence, there are issues of mental health involved, even though we really do not have a reliable and consistent matrix to use to talk about mental health and biases run rampant.

We know that social media creates increased access for all of our students to all sorts of information (good and bad) and influences (positive or less so).

There are intersecting circles of influences, biases and knowledge or lack thereof  in play. All relevant to the topic or question of Pedagogy of Peace.