The Way of Council is a communication and teaching pedagogy.  It was borne out of Native-American and other traditions as a way of communicating in a group and the process, again, involves a circle.  Every voice has its time. No agenda is forced.  The process is egalitarian and supportive of all learners.  In a Council people often find that there is much more to be experienced and heard than the words that people say.  By employing a practice of speaking from the heart and deep listening new understandings emerge.  Participants find that they can feel connected to others through this process and that there is great power in this.

Similarly, I want to add that for teachers and students alike, collective practices, group practices of all sorts, practices that collect and coalesce energy are rich and important.  We cannot underestimate the power of individual and group intention and the insight and wisdom offered through coming together in a circle or via individual or group meditation.  We can also harness these processes to help create coherence in our classrooms so that what we say and what we do as teachers connect and resonate with our students.  The energy, motivation and intentions of the teacher matter.  The intentional use of practices and of monitoring our own energy makes a difference in the teaching and learning process.