Paulo Friere, the Brazilian educator and activist has forced so many to look at what is chosen to teach versus what students need to learn in order to gain power and status to really make differences in their communities.  Freire talked about the banking method of education and its pitfalls.  This refers to the idea that teachers know what students need and it is, therefore, the students’ “job” to swallow and absorb what has been directed their way.  Freire was one early proponent of radically transforming education so that it would reflect the true nature of the relationship between education and those power and status dynamics.  His work with poor illiterate Brazilians shook things up.

Still much of education seem to continue to rely on a banking approach, even though it is at times disguised as something other than that.  Curricula often relies on it and standardized testing usually does.  In 2008 we saw the house of cards that is the United States and international financial system we educators really don’t want to be in to banking, do we?  We want to invest, rather, in the souls and spirits of our students.  We want to give them access to all of the power and mystery that is available to them.  As educators we should be concerned about shaking things up in our classrooms and communities.